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A Pirate's Life

The story of the Scout Workshop mural.

The idea of the pirate ship mural came from a few places - we've long borrowed the Steve Job's motto- it's better to be a pirate than to join the navy. No disrespect to the Navy, what stuck with us was the idea of exploring your own path.

We doubled down on the idea of the pirate's life and motto when John (the previous owner of the building) left us his model ships in the basement, along with a glorious amount of other artifacts and trinkets.

Kim has been friends with Adam Turman since high school, so it was a no brainer to commission him for the job (also he is talented AF). We asked him to channel the journey of the pirate and communicate a feeling of grit, as we believe it is part of the beauty of the building. The front of the ship symbolizes a guiding force, the woman watching over (spirit of the sea) represents someone close to us, and with the ship we ride over the past and onward. There is also a hidden nod to our beloved Yellow Dog.

Tip: If you check out the mural at night you will see the moon glowing - thanks to the lights from the Subway building.

Let us know what you think of this addition to the space in the comments below!


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