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IIDA Northland Fusion + Fashion 2018

Best Stage Presence won by Scout Workshop

“Hey, look me over…Tell me do you like what you see?…Before the night is through you will see my point of view…Baby, I’m a star” -Prince

Joining a coworking community has a lot of advantages. Hands down one of our favorites is the collaboration that happens. Putting our heads together and working through projects where each of us has a unique point of view and skill set to share is so damn rewarding.

We brought this particular project to the group a little over five weeks ago. It was an event and competition that we had heard about before as Yellow Dog Studio and this year were so excited to open it up to our new community. Hosted by the International Interior Designers Association (IIDA Northland), the design community is brought together annually for a Fusion + Fashion Show.

The challenge of the IIDA Fusion + Fashion Show is to create an original Project-Runway style fashion ensemble using almost exclusively non-traditional building materials. The inspiration for this year's show? The iconic wall of stars of First Avenue.

Oh hell yes.

After rounding up a team of eager and willing Scouties and deliberating our song of choice, we decided to honor the band Cake. I mean how could we not? Although Short Skirt / Long Jacket seemed like the obvious choice, we landed on The Distance and on our way we went beginning to brainstorm and get a plan in place. Below is the video that was produced as part of our entry, highlighting the magic that happened to help us take home the gold.

Our non-traditional materials included a window screen jacket, a duct tape dress, constriction gloves and wedges bedazzled with washers and cotter-pin fringe. The iconic flag was actually a broomstick wrapped in electrical tape and a yard sample of upholstery fabric deconstructed and reassembled.

And that bad-ass motorcycle chick in the video is ACTUALLY our model Amanda (cause she really is that awesome).

And finally... The Fusion + Fashion Show 2018 Event


Kim Batcheller

Heather Rose-Dunning

Amanda Kreller

Doug Niemela

Jessica Nordell

Michele Pryce

Caitlyn Roe

Erin Rufledt

Greta Tarnowski

Lisa Troutman


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