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What We've Learned [Part One]

As we continue to settle into our space and welcome new members, we find ourselves learning new things every day. Sharing is what creating a coworking space is all about so we wanted to take a moment to jot down our thoughts and bring you into the world of Scout Workshop.

One pleasantly surprising thing we've learned is that we all really do appreciate beauty. “It’s just beautiful” is something we hear often. And this is coming from people you wouldn’t necessarily expect. We have found that beauty is still very important to people.; especially to all of us here at Scout Workshop.

What is beauty? For us it's the sense of community that you feel when entering the space, the warmth that you feel from the space. It’s authenticity, it’s real materials and just letting it be, it’s the light, honoring the bones of the building and what John, the previous owner, left behind. These artifacts have a home here. Lots of things have a home here. It is not polished, it is meant to be added to.

The Community

When we feel most proud of Scout is when we find ourselves veering into important topics with other members. Truly getting to know each other; whether that's more about their family or business, what they're working on, what they're passionate about, etc. At Scout we are able to go one level deeper because we know and care about each other - rather than feeling like we are just working with random people in the same space.

The Space

Why does this space feel so good? We believe it's what the building has to offer, finding all of the good in it and exploring that. Loving that not everything has to be perfect, that the flaws and imperfections are what make it so great. Little hidden wonders all around the space that catch your eye and make you feel magic. Space to grow, explore, connect, learn, teach, create - and so much more!

It also helps that the lighting is fantastic- natural light really does do wonders. ✨

Together the Scout Workshop community and space create this beauty that we are proud of. Without one there would not be the other. What does beauty mean to you? Let us know below in the comments!


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