Meeting Spaces

Scout Workshop has multiple meeting spaces;  whether you need a room to yourself to get things done, or a spot to host a meeting with colleagues or clients - we've created spaces that can be booked 24/7 when you are a full time member. 

The Small

Tucked back a bit, The Small conference room is the most private of our closed-door spaces.

Up to 6 people


Video and Audio 


The Medium

With its standing-height table and AV capabilities, The Medium is ideal for working meetings and collaborative sessions.

Up to 8 people

Video and Audio 


The Large

Our most formal meeting space, The Large is a great venue for client presentations, workshops, and closed-door meetings.

Up to 12 people


Video and Audio 


The Lower

The Lower is a meeting space on our lower level, situated in one of the building's most creative rooms. Accompanied by material samples, color swatches, and pin-up boards, this meeting option is great for a team brainstorm or creative review session. Our video and audio conferencing setup allows you to include remote team members as well.

Up to 20 people

Video and Audio 


The Garden

The Garden is a unique space for any event -- whether a class, a workshop, or a social gathering. On lovely Minnesota summer days, the large glass garage door or the operable skylight can be opened up to truly bring the outside in.


The Garden can only be reserved between 8 am and 5 pm.

Up to 50 people



1,000 square-foot multi-purpose space we want our members to use for whatever they can dream up.




Team workshops and trainings, video and photo shoots, craft projects, guest speakers, live music, yoga are all options; we’ve left it a blank canvas, equipped with power lighting, AV, a bathroom, and catering kitchen.

We’ll also be renting out the space for private events and creative gatherings! (We’ll be launching a separate landing page soon with more specifics.)


2744 Lyndale Ave S

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Tel: (612) 251-1316


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