2744 Lyndale Ave S

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Tel: (612) 251-1316


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Located in one of the most exciting neighborhoods in South Minneapolis, Scout Workshop is a values-driven coworking space for creative-minded people in all fields.


In the words of co-creators Heather Rose-Dunning and Kim Batcheller, Scout is a culture, a tribe, an attitude, and a place.


Our members are a diverse mix of architects, podcast hosts, fiction writers, illustrators, marketing experts, startup founders, NGO leaders, and software engineers - and those might not even be their day jobs. Our space is a renovated stained-glass factory, not a brand new five-story development, so it’s perfect for freelancers, solopreneurs, and teams of 2-3 who want a unique work environment and smaller community.

Scout is where design thinkers and creative folks can explore new ideas, do great work, be inspired and connected, and tap into physical and intellectual resources...all while surrounded with other amazing humans who are yearning for the same sorts of things.

It is an exploration of how to work differently in a world of constant evolution.

We offer a variety of membership options, including full-time dedicated desks and part-time “hot desk” options starting at $150/month.

Reach out to schedule a tour and learn more!


We believe in shared values. Our values are pretty simple; our expectation is that all members subscribe to them. They're what makes (and keeps) Scout Workshop such an awesome place. 

  • Take care of each other. 

  • Engage, participate, & collaborate. 

  • Believe in your greatness. 

  • Make the world better.

Does this sound like something you believe in too? We'd love to meet you!